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About GridSense Technologies Inc

Leading the charge in innovative wildfire detection, GridSense Technologies Inc. delivers reliable and cutting-edge technology designed for community safety. With a team of dedicated professionals, we are committed to excellence, service, and the development of autonomous sensor networks that enhance emergency responses and support disaster prevention efforts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower communities with advanced technology that enhances safety, efficiency, and quality of life. We specialize in robust solutions for real-time environmental monitoring to mitigate the risks and impacts of wildfires.

Our Vision

Aspiring to be the global leader in community-focused safety technology solutions, we focus on the advancement of wildfire detection systems to protect lives and preserve the environment.

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Introducing a peer-to-peer sensor network for direct environmental data transfer, independent of internet and satellite connections.

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Our sensors are engineered to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring reliable data for early wildfire detection and firefighter support.

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Cost-effective and precise, our technology enhances existing wildfire detection solutions, safeguarding communities and aiding resource management.

Services Provided

Wildfire Detection Network

Deploying autonomous sensor nodes for precise wildfire detection and environmental monitoring, providing real-time, actionable data to enhance community response and safety.

Environmental Data Analysis

Utilizing the data collected from our sensor networks, we offer comprehensive analysis services for wildfire prevention and land management strategies.

Resilient Communication Infrastructure

Innovative mesh network solutions that facilitate reliable communication for emergency responders in remote areas, independent of internet or satellite connectivity.

Our Team

Team Member 1

Emerald Nash

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Emerald Nash, CEO and Founder of GridSense Technologies Inc., is currently furthering his expertise in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, Merced.

Emerald's role extends beyond corporate leadership to hands-on scientific inquiry, as demonstrated by his undergraduate research internship at the Joint Genome Institute (JGI) via the UROC UC Merced Program.

There, he engaged in a Data Carpentry Workshop, honed his Python skills, and conducted critical data analysis in microbiological research, including root colonization assays and the study of Arabidopsis thaliana.

During his JGI internship, Emerald showcased his ability to communicate complex scientific concepts through presentations and reports.

His work at JGI complements his leadership in the NSF Innovation-Corps, where he co-leads marketing initiatives and assists with data analysis under the guidance of a professor.

Together, these experiences underscore Emerald's unique blend of technical proficiency, research capability, and strategic business development, driving GridSense Technologies towards innovative solutions in wildfire detection and management.

Team Member 2

Liliana Figueroa

Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder

Liliana Figueroa, our esteemed Chief Technology Officer, is at the technological helm of GridSense Technologies Inc. As a student of Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, Davis, Liliana blends academic rigor with a passion for innovation. Her achievements, including the prestigious Social Justice Lupe Scholarship, speak to her dedication to engineering and social advocacy.

She brings to the team expertise in satellite design and piezoelectric systems, the latter contributing to advancements in technology for NASA's astronaut apparel. Liliana's commitment to GridSense's mission is exemplified in her work developing resilient wildfire detection technology. Her strategic leadership and vision are vital in steering our endeavors to enhance community safety through advanced technological solutions.

Liliana Figueroa's role at GridSense is not just about her current contributions; it's about paving the way for a safer future. Her leadership is driving our mission forward, integrating cutting-edge technology with community-oriented goals. We are inspired by her dedication and proud to have her guide our team toward innovation that matters.

Team Member 3

AJ Heard

Business Specialist

AJ Heard, a dedicated Civil Engineering student at the University of California Merced, applies his academic learning to real-world scenarios as the Business Specialist at GridSense Technologies Inc. AJ's education, enriched with coursework in areas like Fluid Mechanics and Geomatics, grounds his strategic business guidance for the company.

In his role, AJ identifies and recommends participation in accelerator programs that align with the company's growth trajectory, drawing upon his diverse technical skills in software like MATLAB, AutoCAD, and Adobe Creative Suite. His research assistantship with the National Science Foundation I-Corp has also cultivated his abilities in data analysis and technical modeling, directly benefiting GridSense's strategic planning.

With a history of leadership as the founder of Bobcat Community Builders and the CEO of Live Or Dream L.L.C., AJ brings a wealth of experience in forging community partnerships and spearheading advocacy campaigns. These experiences, coupled with his academic journey, enable AJ to contribute effectively to the creation of pitch decks and executive summaries, vital for engaging GridSense's potential investors and partners.

Balancing the demands of his Civil Engineering studies with professional responsibilities at GridSense, AJ assumes additional roles that foster his professional development and enhance the company's operational scope. His multifaceted background as a student, researcher, and entrepreneur ensures he provides a fresh, innovative perspective to the business challenges and opportunities faced by GridSense Technologies Inc.

Team Member 4

Luis Carrillo

Software Engineer

Luis Carrillo is a valued Software Engineer at GridSense Technologies, where he plays a key role in the collaborative effort to develop innovative prototype interfaces. With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of California, Merced, Luis contributes his up-to-date knowledge and technical expertise to our multifaceted development projects.

At GridSense, Luis's responsibilities are crucial to the collective success of our interface initiatives. He assists in executing the development of our prototypes by employing a range of coding languages and technological tools that adhere to the rigorous project requirements defined by our company's objectives. His diligent progress reporting is vital in maintaining transparent communication about the ongoing status and advancements of the project, helping to keep all team members aligned and informed.

Luis's role extends beyond his immediate duties; he embraces additional responsibilities that foster his professional development and further the overarching goals of our projects. His collaborative nature ensures the effective integration of the interface with other system components, promoting synergy within our engineering teams. He is deeply involved in the iterative process of developing and refining the interface, consistently focusing on aligning with technical specifications and optimizing user experience.

With a background that includes leading significant segments of a full-stack IoT project and contributing to the engineering of a GIS application for wildfire management, Luis has showcased his ability to tackle complex challenges and contribute to innovative solutions. At GridSense Technologies, we are proud to have Luis Carrillo as an integral part of our team, where his technical skill set and collaborative mindset propel us toward our mission of crafting user-centric products and forward-thinking solutions.

Team Member 5

Bahran Temesgen

Hardware Engineer

Bahran Temesgen, a meticulous Hardware Engineer at GridSense Technologies, plays a pivotal role in the development of our autonomous robotic deployment systems. His extensive responsibilities showcase his versatility and technical acumen as he assists in the design and implementation of sophisticated electronic and hardware systems essential for our cutting-edge robotics.

In his role, Bahran contributes significantly to the development and rigorous testing of the robotic deployment hardware, upholding our high standards for technical and operational excellence. He adeptly manages comprehensive testing protocols, validating the functionality and performance of our innovative drone deployment systems, and ensures thorough documentation of development processes, detailing precise technical specifications and testing outcomes.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of Bahran's approach, and he actively works alongside the software engineering team to integrate hardware with control and navigation systems seamlessly, enhancing the efficacy of our robotic systems. His commitment to professional growth allows him to take on challenges beyond the primary scope of his duties, fostering his development and contributing to the project's success.

Bahran's multifaceted background, which spans running his own technology repair business to technical roles in audio-visual setups, combined with his ongoing education in Computer Science, renders him an invaluable member of the GridSense Technologies team. His contributions are not just limited to his immediate responsibilities; they extend to driving innovation and propelling our mission to deploy technology that safeguards and advances our community's well-being.

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